The Android app for Epson projectors (iProjection) is not very good. If it's part of your home theater, I bet you have had a hard time integrating it into an automation system like Harmony (without using IR I mean), or Tasker, IFTTT, etc.

It's obvious that the iProjection app just brings up a web frame when you select "Remote". So I snooped on the traffic between my phone and the projector. If you just navigate to your projector's IP address, you'll get a 404 not found.

So instead, navigate to http://(your projector IP)/mobile/index.html?EPSON=Projector, of course replacing (your projector IP) with your projector's IP. If it's not static, you should maybe consider setting it that way.

You will get a 401 unauthorized error, asking for a username and password. From snooping, the password in base64 is RVBTT05NT0JJTEU6, which corresponds to "EPSONMOBILE:", indicating that the username is "EPSONMOBILE" and there is no password.

Once you're in, you can control your projector. I'll update again after I do some more snooping and come up with direct IP commands.